in Nitrogen-Based Fertilizers

Novachem SP is your trusted trading partner specializing in the import and distribution of high-quality nitrogen-based fertilizers across the EU. We cater to diverse sectors and, with a focus on an individualized approach, we deliver a reliable service to our clients.

Our nitrogen-based fertilizers benefit many industries


Enhance crop yields with premium agricultural urea, fostering healthy plant growth and sustainable farming practices.


Ensure clean emissions in diesel vehicles with AdBlue, a solution derived from our specialized urea.


Facilitate various industrial processes with our nitrogen-based fertilizers, supporting efficient and sustainable manufacturing.

Chemical Manufacture

Contribute to chemical synthesis, as our products serve as essential ingredients in diverse manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Choosing Novachem

Competitive Pricing

Novachem SP provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget. Our industry expertise ensures competitive pricing, offering you high-quality nitrogen-based fertilizers at a strategic cost advantage.

ISO Standard Quality

Trust in our commitment to adhere to the highest industry standards, including Urea ISO 22241-1. Choosing Novachem SP means opting for products that meet and exceed international benchmarks, ensuring reliability and performance.

Individual Approach

Recognizing the unique needs of each customer, Novachem SP offers an individualized approach. Whether you require specific volumes or have distinct product preferences, our team tailors solutions to meet your exact needs, fostering partnerships based on understanding and flexibility.

Fast & Flexible Delivery

Novachem SP is dedicated to providing prompt and adaptable order fulfillment. Our logistics team ensures swift and efficient delivery, meeting your project timelines and contributing to the overall ease of doing business with us.

Exceptional Customer Care

Your satisfaction is our priority. Novachem SP offers exceptional customer care throughout every interaction. Our dedicated team is committed to addressing your inquiries, providing assistance, and ensuring a productive experience.

Constant Stock Availability

Reliability is a cornerstone of Novachem SP's service. Our commitment to constant stock availability means you can rely on us as a consistent supplier. Regardless of the season or demand fluctuations, you have access to a comprehensive range of nitrogen-based fertilizers whenever you need them, ensuring continuity in your operations.

Specializing in the wholesale of nitrogen-based fertilizers

Novachem's Products

Our commitment to providing high-quality nitrogen-based fertilizers ensures versatility and effectiveness across a range of industries and applications.

This specialized urea solution, is a crucial component in emission control systems for diesel vehicles helping to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions. Ensuring compliance with stringent environmental standards, it plays a pivotal role in promoting cleaner air and sustainable transportation.

Enhance crop yields and promote healthy plant growth in various agricultural settings. This nitrogen-rich fertilizer is commonly used for cereals, fruits, and vegetables, making it an essential component in greenhouse and open-field cultivation.

UAN32 Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. Ideal for foliar feeding, providing plants with readily available nitrogen, and used in precision farming as well as a supplement in drip irrigation systems.

Essential in multiple industrial processes, including the manufacturing of chemicals and textiles. Widely used in refrigeration systems for various applications, and it serves as a key ingredient in the production of cleaning agents and industrial solvents.

Ready-to-use AdBlue liquid for efficient emission control in diesel vehicles. This solution is widely utilized in the transportation industry to meet stringent environmental regulations, playing a crucial role in reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and promoting sustainable transportation.

EU-Wide Delivery

Experience the advantages of our efficient logistics for fast delivery and seamless transactions across EU borders.

About Novachem

Novachem SP is a dynamic trading company specializing in the wholesale of nitrogen-based fertilizers. Our values of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction drive our mission to provide top-notch wholesale solutions. Join us in fostering growth and sustainability in the nitrogen fertilizer industry.

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